We produce a light model of all our lights

For every light product we sell  there is a carefully measured schematic of the lights beam. The beam is measured for its light intensity and shape using specially designed equipment. Software allows us to import the data into a program that provides us with a 3D representation of the light beam. The picture here shows the light source in the centre of the sphere and how the beam of light radiates downwards from there. In this example all the light shines down but if this were a schematic of a traditional filament bulb hanging in a traditional ceiling rose the light would radiate in almost 360 degrees.  We have schematics for all our products and for the most common fluorescent lights for comparison. 

How we use our 3D light models

The schematic of the chosen light can be used to give a visual aid and gather predictions of what the lights will perform like in a given area. Our software allows us to produce a 3D model of the area and then plot all the lights into the correct positions. In this example the model is a first floor office suite and the lights are 600mm x 600mm flat panels.  

False colour rendering

False colour rendering is the term given to the 3D light model as shown here which is using colour to show the light intensity. The colours ranges from black which is no light to white which is maximum light. This 3D lighting model is useful to predict whether there are any areas in the room that are too dark or too light. This example light model doesn't include any furniture but if it was possible that the furniture would effect the result, such as  an unusually tall cupboard or screen then they can be positioned in the 3D model.


The plan view of the 3d light model shows the information in an easy to read format.

In this example the red squares represent the light panels and the isolines represent the Lux value of light in the room.

There is a scale  at either end of the plan showing the dimensions in meters.

The information table gives the Lux value at different planes.  For most circumstances the work plane is set as the desk tops but all of these parameters can be adjusted for any given scenario.

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